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Thank you to past coachees for their words of reference. 

David K

Cliff has been invaluable to me during his time as my mentor. Taking on a new role within my company has been a great personal challenge, and Cliff’s mentoring, coaching, guidance and advice, during our weekly meetings have been instrumental in accelerating my understanding of the leadership role.
By creating an atmosphere of openness and trust, centred around a philosophy of listening, Cliff made it very easy for me to discuss any topic that was on my mind.
After every session, I was left feeling much more comfortable and confident about the course of action to take.
It’s rare to find anyone with Cliff’s levels of experience and engaging approach, so I heartily recommend Cliff as a mentor or coach.


Matt T

In my experience Cliff is an insightful mentor and coach. As my mentor Cliff helped me put in place a structured personal development plan that has enabled me to achieve my personal career objectives. By sharing his extensive experience and knowledge Cliff helped me access internal development opportunities and external training. Cliff’s open, constructive approach is built on trust and confidentiality and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone looking for a supportive counsellor and mentor.

Sarah S

I can strongly recommend Cliff as a brand coach. I was struggling to make an impact in the way I wanted with my employer. Cliff helped me understand how to think about my brand, how to develop it, and why it was so important to be focused on brand or reputation. I learnt how to really transfer what I wanted my brand to be into meaningful ways I impacted my bosses. This gave me so much confidence to move forward with what I wanted to do in my career. 

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